Robots Don’t Lie. People Do.

The date of this post is a lie.

I’m actually posting it March 1. But the date of the email below is true.

So, for the sake of monthly blogging continuity and a wee bit of historical perspective, I’m back-dating to January 30.

On Jan 30, 2011, at 6:56 PM, Interactive Panels <> wrote:

Hey Steve,

Happy Sunday from SXSW-land.

Good news — we have had some space open up on the SXSW schedule on Monday, March 14. In this space, we would like to do a mini-track of robot-related panels.

I’m writing to see if we can do the “Robot Art Lessons” session that you had proposed to the PanelPicker as part of this mini-track.

If you are still available to speak at SXSW and Monday, March 14 works for your schedule, then please reply “Yes, I am in for this Robot Mini-Track.”

Or, feel free to fire away if you have questions.

Best regards,
Hugh Forrest
SXSW Interactive Festival
March 11-15, 2011

I can’t tell you how happy this invitation made me. Mainly because it enabled my colleague and long distance friend, Alan Majer (that’s one of Alan’s creations in the photo), to have a reason for journeying to Austin from his home in Vancouver and share his hard- but joyously-earned knowledge with SxSW Interactive 2011 participants about the ultimate field of digital interactivity – robotics.

I call it that “the ultimate field of digital interactivity” because it has everything – human cognition, communications, mechanical engineering, design, emotion and sensory replication, mobility, software, and on and on.

So, to my friends and acquaintances at SxSW Central, I say “thank you” for the invitation – Alan and I will be there with bells on, just a year later than we had expected. All good things come in time…