Recommended China Blogroll

US and ChinaHere are some of the blogs, journals, and other online publications I follow, all in English, to keep a modest finger on the pulse of the China tech community:

Technode – a full-on legit tech publication, founded by a terrific guy, Dr. Gang Lu, that recently partnered with Techcrunch — multiple posts per day, breaking news, etc.

Techrice – managing edited by a part-time blogger, Kai Lukoff, that is a “labor of love” by him and his fellow bloggers — less frequent coverage, but still insightful

TechInAsia – great online publication; started out as a communications company Penn-Olson and quickly found a hungry readership and great niche — Steven Millward is terrific editor and very plugged in

TheNextWeb AsiaI’m a big TNW fan, reading a lot of their writers around the world; China coverage is great, led by the ever-professional, even-keeled Jon Russell

Mobisights – the tech blog of the GreatWallClub, which I view as something of the “GigaOM of China” — they run massively popular events, provide consulting services, and are uber-connectors.  The English version gets less attention than the Chinese version, compared to say Technode, but it’s still good

Appconomistthis is Appconomy’s mobile blog.  We write about the start-up scene, our competitors, interesting developments in the mobile space…and us (occasionally)! Articles tend to come in bursts, but we average a new post every 1-2 weeks — we try to keep it real, but read it and let us know…

China Internet Watch – all about the interwebs of China; geeky, but good

China Law Blog – fantastically good G2 for a tech business; in China, there are laws and there are “laws” and there are *laws* — this blog helps you understand a little bit better what you are facing

Forbes’ Silicon Asia – written by Rebecca Fannin, a long-time player in the US/China, media/tech scene; a little less in touch with the daily “on the ground” activity, but nails the important issues & trends with precision due to her great access to Asian tech titans

Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Reportwhile intended to be ear-to-the-ground reporting on all business-related activity, they cover a lot of culture and tech trends that are extremely useful

Seeing Red in Chinathis is the “real deal;” originally penned by Tom the lone-wolf foreigner (i.e., anyone who isn’t native Chinese), there are multiple regular contributors now; as gritty and true as it gets, with great observations and analysis on Chinese culture, politics, society, and more

All Roads Lead to Chinaanother good blog; penned by an academic, but definitely on-target — no ivory towers here

China Daily – I’m a big fan of propaganda and, my friends, it doesn’t get any better than the state-run, official English news daily.  As ubiquitous in China as USA Today is in America – I browse it because, well, it never hurts to know what President Xi and Premier Li are thinking about related to tech