“A” is for April and Appconomy

Take a good look at the figure, because that’s where I spent the majority of my April (and March and May, etc.) writing time. 

In fact, just as in January, I spent so much time on my number one investment (Appconomy) that I didn’t manage to find any time to write about other subjects of a more personal interest.

So, it’s only fitting, three weeks after the close of the month, that I devote my April 2011 blog entry to perserving the record of Version 1 of “The Appconomy” – our guide to the global app economy.

Version 2 of The Appconomy should be rolling out soon, with a more dynamic, activity-feed oriented view the articles, comments, and other information served up on the channel, as I refer to it.

The whole thing is an enormous work in process, based on my Appconomy co-founders’ and my shared belief that there is a hunger for better, practical guidance about the shift to work and leisure activities that increasingly rely on mobile technology.

Time will tell. 

But, one thing is for certain: for at least a while, if you want to read what I’m writing, you’ll be much better served following my work each week on Appconomy, or on the blogs and twitter-streams of any number of my other ventures.  Browse by and check them out!