The Future of Risk Capital

The only way to change the face of risk capital — angel investing, venture capital investing, private equity, investment banking, etc. — is to change the “faces” of risk capital, i.e., the people who invest.

And one of the most obvious ways to do that is to hire a more diverse pool of venture associates. But, you can’t hire them, if the talent pipeline is empty. So we decided to start doing more about that problem in Texas.

In the “spirit of crawl before you walk, walk before you run,” we piloted a program this Spring, with underwriting and significant in-kind support from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation and Capital Factory.

The program – the “Bridge Venture Fellows” – provided an accelerated introduction into venture investing with a select group (20 from a pool of 162 applicants) desiring to explore a career in risk capital investing.

If you would like a copy of the 2022 Bridge Venture Fellowship Resume Book, please click on the image to download. BroadBrush Ventures is proud to have sponsored the inaugural program.

Contact the Texas Network of Blackstone LaunchPads to shape the future of risk capital investing!

Sources of Power In 3 Movie Clips

There are 3 sources of earthly power colliding continuously. They are the Power of Organized “___________.”

1. Money

Network: “There is only one holistic system of systems…”

2. Ideas

Matrix: “It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth…”

3. People

The Dark Knight Rises: “You think all this can last? There’s a storm coming…”

WATCH: Doneta June Guengerich

The Iris Plans service invited my parents and me to be a featured story on their website. My mom, who passed away earlier this week, would say that the service played a small, but meaningful role in helping her transition go exactly as she would have wanted. To read more about her life – one spent in healthcare, as a Registered Nurse, herself – read more: