Music Videos by GettingRich Productions

getting_rich_productions_logoMy youngest son Andrew has zeroed in on his calling: music video directing and producing.

He’s just 21 but has been cutting his teeth and has his first two videos wrapped.

His latest effort is called “Teenager on Drugs.” 

The rap has a powerful message, especially that last minute.  Andrew collaborated with the musician on the story, then directed, filmed, and edited the project.

His first full-length project was “Her Words.”  It was shot at the multiplex theater and mall across from Barton Creek Mall, just before it was demolished.  Again, Andrew directed, filmed, and edited the project.

He also hauled the gear, made the props and effects, and created video channels for the musicians.

If you’d like to see his photography / Photoshop work or his motion graphics / video animation work, you can find them on his Tumblr.

It took awhile to find his calling…he tried corporate videos, one-minute software commercials, live conference recordings, and more!  While they all contributed to the learning process, I believe he’s finally found his niche.

So, if you need a music video, connect with him on LinkedIn, to get his contact info!