My SxSW Cover Set +1

Guys like Todd Rundgren, Alice Cooper, and Ian Anderson, are inspirations for me.

Not because they’re old rockers, who can’t seem to stop, like Ozzy and Steven Tyler (both of whom I also like, by the way).

It’s because, they were never satisfied with achieving stardom in a particular musical era.

Instead, they took that success and moved on to start something new.  I suppose I admire Madonna for the same reason.

Their model of musical reinvention gives me hope that one day, bridging from my semi-professional musician days of 30 years ago, maybe I’ll take another crack at it as well.

If I did, I’ve got one or two originals I’d do.  But for the most part, my first imagined act would be as my own techno-rock version of Girl Talk.

And, if I got a SxSW booking with this act, then this would be my set list:

  • Ladies & gentlemen, part 1 – Presidents of USA 1:38
  • Just tonight – Jimmy Eat World 3:27
  • People people – Undead 6:27
  • Waitress – Live 2:49
  • Findaway – Silverchair 2:57
  • No attention – Soundgarden 4:27
  • Ungived – Stone Temple Pilots 2:35
  • Welcome to the fold (the shortened, FM version) – Filter ~5:00
  • Complain – Kings X 3:19
  • Half the world – Rush 3:43
  • Tie your mother down – Queen 3:46
  • Horse to water – REM 2:19

NOTE: I’ve favorited live performances of many of these songs on my YouTube channel, under the Rock or Pop playlists.

Last, but not least, I’d wrap it up by adding one original, up-tempo Todd Rundgren-esque tune, that runs about three minutes, which I could shorten or lengthen a bit, depending on the remaining time left in my hour.

As Brian May sings on Queen II (one of the great rock albums in history): “Some day, one day.”