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The writer, philosopher Khalil Gibran once said, “Work is love made visible.” How true.

In addition to the things we get paid for, many of us spend extraordinary amounts of time on other loves that take an equal or greater amount of effort.

We’ve tried to combine both the things we love and our professional pursuits through BroadBrush Ventures (BBV), the private family investment group through which we primarily make and manage investments in unique social ventures, along with other early stage tech ventures.


iris plans home pageIris Plans is a tech-enabled healthcare service that helps people with serious, chronic illness live better and longer while reducing unwanted and unnecessary care. It uses specially trained healthcare staff and a telehealth platform to provide disease-specific Advanced Care Planning (ACP) services.

Status: We are active advisors to the company and providing strategy and marketing support.

website - knowbilityKnowbility is a global leader in making “IT barrier-free” through its consulting and training programs and unique, educational competitions, branded the Accessibility Internet Rally, or AIR.

Launched in 1998, as a program of Easter Seals-Central Texas, Knowbility is a non-profit corporation (chartered under the IRS 501(c)(3) designation) headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Status: We co-developed the original idea for the AIR competition, seed-funded the organization during its first two years of independent operations, and chaired the board of directors.

The_Pause logo-green-wide headerThe Pause is an Austin-based events company – connecting kids and adults with their community, faith, and each other – through local tours, issues-based workshops, urban entertainment experiences, and a variety of online resources.

Events are deliberately designed to mix entertainment, education, and personal enlightenment, through diverse, fun, contemplative experiences.

Status: We are active advisors and investors.

ltv home-newFinally, we offer branding, promotion, and a boutique set of marketing services through a virtual team of one or more expert solo practitioners (ESPs).

We take on assignments that range from a few days quick-turn to multiple projects lasting several months each.

For more information, view or download our overview presentation.

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