2007 Wrap-up Thoughts

December – Hinchcliffe & Co. partnership

November – New Paradigm acquisition

October – Office 2.0

September – Industrial Science acquisition

August – beginning of 4 month run of popular CleanTech blog with Austin Start-up

July – launch of NASA Dawn explorer with uncle Mark Syke’s telescopic and data systems (delayed until September)

June – new offer “I couldn’t refuse” at BSG Alliance Corporation (aka, BSG 2.0)

May – 10th Annual AIR Austin announced (competition held in Fall 2007)

April – Compiere partnership and Redhat servers “live” – open SMB accounting ready to launch

March – wildest ever 30 minute “power” presentation at SXSW Interactive with D Shehan – talked about Initiate, Compiere, and digital music production all in half an hour – not sure if audience knew what the hell we were talking about, but we sure gave them an earful!

February – Austin named #1 city in nation for cleantech ventures and first clean energy incubator, Richard Amato, credits the work co-chaired by Chip Wolfe and me, with the other members of the Austin Clean Energy (ACE) Iniative as critical in earning the designation

January – 1 year anniversary at Bridgepoint Consulting