Balloons and Statistics

Earlier this month, I had a chance to make my annual gift to the local NPR station, KUT. They have a terrific station that mixes mostly local music and a wee bit of talk with all of the great NPR/PRI national programs.

As usual, one of the program segments I caught over the weekend again reminded me how much I enjoy the station. It was a story on the Third Coast International Audio Festival. The story was about the winners of their “Year’s Best of Radio” competition and they featured about the first 5 minutes of one of the stories.

The story was this wonderful, magical piece that gives one a clever look at the subject of fate versus randomness and the interplay of statistics in the determination thereof. Whether you are a stat major or a numbers dunderhead, either way the story “A Lucky Wind” is simply enchanting in my opinion. It carries forward my personal view, touched on with my last post on “Fish and Data,” that numbers are fun!

I hope you can find 15 minutes to listen to the Third Coast story or some of the other winning entries.  Trust me that it will brighten your post-Thanksgiving, Monday-morning blues and give you a unique conversation starter for the bevy of pre-Christmas receptions ahead of you. Enjoy!