Poetry Hatred and Love

I hated poetry in middle school. Just couldn’t understand the attraction. Whereas the plotline of short stories like Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game was immediately suspenseful, the meandering prose of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 65 befuddled me. What’s worse: I had to memorize the sonnet! But, as with so many things when one ages from boy/girl to … Continue reading “Poetry Hatred and Love”

An Odd, Rewarding Southby

I just finished SXSW Interactive 2013. I’m a major fan of SXSW, or “Southby,” as it’s now known by most of the digerati. I’ve been to many, many tech and business conferences all over the U.S. and the world. But, never have I been to one that achieves the year-over-year improvements in logistics, programming, audience, … Continue reading “An Odd, Rewarding Southby”

Socialism: the next ‘big thing’ for monetizing the interweb?

In my last post, I highlighted some of the more memorable excerpts of Jaron Lanier’s latest book, “You are Not a Gadget.” Here are three more that especially caught my attention: How to use a crowd well (pp. 56-58) – “Collectives can be just as stupid as any individual – and, in important cases, stupider…Signal … Continue reading “Socialism: the next ‘big thing’ for monetizing the interweb?”

SXSW Wrap – Politics, Speeches and Music

Had a weekend to reflect on the “week that was” at SXSW 20. Here are a few other notable items: Mark Warner Rally at Stubbs I met Gov. Warner shortly after he took office as Gov of Virgina about 4 years ago. I was very attracted to his pro-business, pro-social network message – how we … Continue reading “SXSW Wrap – Politics, Speeches and Music”