2009 April Wrap up Thoughts

Spring break was really weird this year, with all 3 kids having their breaks at different times:

  • first Ben, home from Case Westen, pretty much chillin’ in front of the Wii and enjoying being waited on hand and foot
  • then Andrew, doing the same, except substituting the xBox 360 for the Wii – fortunately we found a new one driving home past Zilker park one evening, purchased off the side of the road from a painter who was needign gas money to get himself back home to Colorado after a job here went bust
  • finally Lauren, week 3, who was focused on getting her act together for her MCAT test and lining up things for her Teach for America application.

But, we did manage to get an evening of great music in at the Mohawk Patio, catching both the Ettes and the Hold Steady, plus 2 other acts. A pretty terrific deal at $20 for the cover charge. We love SXSW!

2008 Wrap-up Thoughts

December –

Took the family to London-Paris-Geneva for a holiday get away – daughter Lauren won her way into a January-
term intership at WHO.

Otherwise, I clearly had no life for the rest of 2008 other than work at nGenera, hence…

November – Spin out of the Talisma CRM and higher education units to Campus Management

October – Basking in the afterglow of another great ACL; just one year to go until ACL 2009

September – CRM Magazine recognizes nGenera with a “rising star” award

August – Sold all stock positions and narrowly missed the stock market collapse out of sheer luck

July – nGenera recognized by AlwaysOn as a game-changing technology and company

June – Wikinomics called the best business technology book of the year for 2007

May – Talisma acquisition

April – Name change from BSG Alliance (affectionately BSG 2.0) to nGenera

March – Iconixx and nCent acquisition

February – Son Ben turns 18: pledges November loyalty to Obama

January – Who knew this would be the last of Jobs’s famous Macworld appearances?

2007 Wrap-up Thoughts

December – Hinchcliffe & Co. partnership

November – New Paradigm acquisition

October – Office 2.0

September – Industrial Science acquisition

August – beginning of 4 month run of popular CleanTech blog with Austin Start-up

July – launch of NASA Dawn explorer with uncle Mark Syke’s telescopic and data systems (delayed until September)

June – new offer “I couldn’t refuse” at BSG Alliance Corporation (aka, BSG 2.0)

May – 10th Annual AIR Austin announced (competition held in Fall 2007)

April – Compiere partnership and Redhat servers “live” – open SMB accounting ready to launch

March – wildest ever 30 minute “power” presentation at SXSW Interactive with D Shehan – talked about Initiate, Compiere, and digital music production all in half an hour – not sure if audience knew what the hell we were talking about, but we sure gave them an earful!

February – Austin named #1 city in nation for cleantech ventures and first clean energy incubator, Richard Amato, credits the work co-chaired by Chip Wolfe and me, with the other members of the Austin Clean Energy (ACE) Iniative as critical in earning the designation

January – 1 year anniversary at Bridgepoint Consulting

2006 Wrap-up Thoughts

Quite a hiatus from SXSW ’06…but a busy year ensued shortly thereafter:

December – Sarbanes and Oxley exit stage left

November – InnoTech CIO Summit and IT Executive Awards

October – Rolling Stones in Austin

September – E-truck

August – Birthday (Steve Martin, Halle Berry, and me)

July – Austin, Nevada and Moab

June – Scanner Darkly premiere

May – IIA-Ft Worth Speech

April – Simpler-Webb SAS70