Entrepreneurship Haiku

bbv-haiku-copyright-say-hello-yellowI’ve been having some evening fun with poetry lately, using a very basic form of the Japanese Haiku. The basic form I’ve used is a series of words totaling 5 syllables, then 7, then 5, with each set of words on a different line.

It’s the kind of thing you may remember doing in grade or middle school, as a way for your English teacher to get you interested in trying your hand at poetry. For the subject matter, I’ve been using “startups” and “entrepreneurship,” rather than nature or everyday objects.

I like it, because it forces you – in the same way twitter’s 140 characters limit forces you – to reduce a thought or idea down to its essence. Here are three examples, which by the way, all fit as tweets!

“The unbeatable quality of persistence”

Grinding it out now.
Grinding it out yesterday.
Tomorrow? More please!

“How do you recognize a real MVP?”

Your valuation
matters not; nor does your app.
Only: Will they buy?

“Hiring versus contracting”
When do you outsource?
When cheaper, faster, non-core.
If not, forget it!
I hope to read some examples of your entrepreneurship or startup Haiku in the future!

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