Food Fight! Story 5: Lyla & Bendle

robotThe rocket speeds on to another world.

They are introduced to their on-board robot helper, called BARNIE (Battle Armored Robot, Neural Information Engine – or whatever).

BARNIE flies the ship. He looks a lot like “Robot” from the Lost in Space series (glass head, giant vacuum cleaner-style body, expandable and retractable arms).

The exceptions are that he has four arms, one coming out of each quarter of his body, he is a shiny black, and he speaks with a flat monotone voice.

He takes the kids, along with Troy and Girlen, to the ship cafeteria. They order their food from the on-board computer. It comes in lots of different colors.

Bendle hates the way it looks. He’s still sad (and now angry) about losing his mother.

He flings the food at BARNIE, which is in big meatball-like lumps and globs that look like paint.

The others join in and soon they are consumed in a giant food fight. (You can describe this pretty hysterically, and the kids can get into it.)

They are suddenly interrupted by a warning signal coming from the bridge of the ship.

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