Blast Off – Story 4: Lyla & Bendle

Crab_NebulaThere are 2 other young adult Himmincats — a male named Troy Vixen, and a female named Girlen Lakes – that are selected with Lyla and Bendle.

They are all transported to the place where the rocket is to be launched.

Everyone on the planet is beginning to feel the heat from the coming supernova. They all know that there are only days left.

The chief scientist for the rocketship program is named Dr. X.

He trains them, but also scopes out where he can stowaway on the rocket – he believes that he deserves to live as well.

The training is complete, the rocket is ready, they get aboard and blast off.

As they travel, the final explosion of the supernova occurs, and the sun grows to hundreds of times its size.

It consumes the planet Orth, as Lyla and Bendle can see in the viewing window of their rocket ship.

Even as they shed a tear, the image of their father in their heads is joined by a new image of their mother and the parents say to the children, “don’t worry, we will be with you always.”

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