Post(card)s from China

Shortly after I arrived in China, in January of this year, I began to write about the experience.

Unfortunately, it was a struggle for me to post my observations, due to China’s well-known ‘Great firewall.’

Facebook is blocked. Twitter is banned. Google is thwarted, although if you use an internet service provider that hosts via Hong Kong, you can get limited access to Google services.   Wordpress is stymied, although it can be configured to work with some effort.

Yes, virtual private network (VPN) software can bypass some of the blocks.  However, VPNs can be cumbersome to use, slow your response and processing times down considerably, and produce unpredictable results themselves.

Nonetheless, the first three months I was in China, before my wife Rebecca joined me, I used my trusty VPN-cloaked Facebook account and dodged Chinese censors to post short updates, photos, and videos to my social circles back home.

However, for longer posts like those on this blog, I had little choice but to wait until I got back on American soil.  In fact, of all places, I’m posting during a brief return trip through Austin and San Jose, backdating to the original months in which I did my writing.

So, the series of posts that come after this one are very much a personal account of my experiences and observations about Iiving and working in China.

With that in mind, I hope you pick up an interesting thought, bit of trivia, or fun fact from the next few posts.  Enjoy!

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