Gov 2.0 Event Favs – Style: Part 2

In my last post, I mentioned some “content” favorites from the presentations at the O’Reilly Government 2.0 Expo and Summit last week in DC. Today, I’m highlighting “style” favorites.

Melissa Jordan (Bay Area Rapid Transit) – – I loved Melissa’s presentation. On the one hand, the BART site is probably more clever for all that it does with a staff of two than for it is for innovative services or technology.

However, Melissa’s perky presentation, which was almost word-for-word both days, felt fresh each time with her own distinctive San Francisco zing. Made you feel like was worth checking out for being both pragmatic and fun – who could resist!

Rita King (Dancing Ink Productions) – – Rita was a winning presenter in her track for the Gov 2.0 Expo and rightly so. She and her team have taken what has become a pretty familiar environment like SecondLife and applied it in such a rich, culturally significant way to a problem of international significance.

Her first-day presentation, when she was able to control the pace of her story, was absolutely captivating. Through her presentation, you could really see how effectively the teaching principles of Muslim cultural and religious diversity could be reinforced using SecondLife. 

By the way, you can watch and/or listen to recaps of both Rita’s and Melissa’s presentations on Blip.TV, with Rita’s atrting around the 19:00 minute mark and Melissa’s, the 23:00 minute mark. 

Andrew McLaughlin (Deputy CTO) – Andrew got what some would argue had all the potential to be the least desirable speaking slot possible – he was the last second stand-in for the featured closing speaker from the U.K. government who couldn’t attend. However, instead of being anti-climactic, Andrew’s genuine, thoughtful reflection on the topics that had impressed him during the three-day event was the perfect coda the conference.

As Andrew read through the top items from his (what he reported to be rather lengthy) personal to do list, he had the audience wishing (me included) that we could have heard more from him from the stage. He came across as a super-sharp tech guy – only on the job as the deputy CTO for 2 months – but totally approachable and open to good ideas. I look forward to hearing more from him.

Next time: Favs with Both content and style

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