Q2 and June Wrap-up: How big are you?

June marks my 2nd year at nGenera Corp. The company has seen the best of times and the worst of times – and changed many times in the process: pretty typical.

As always, among the hardest changes to take are the ones where people you enjoy and respect leave the company. We’ve had our share this year, as has everyone.

But, you can’t let it get you down and you have to keep perspective. On that note, I offer this scrib’d powerpoint deck. It’s something that I made up, based upon some materials I located a while back…I can’t even remember where I found them. I think it was in one of those religious e-mail chain letters that my mom sends me every so often. You know, the ones that you have to scroll down about 3 pages worth of header garbage because it has been forwarded so any times to actually get to the content.

But, in any event, perhaps this caught me at just the right time. Hopefully, it catches you too. Some might think it’s a bit on the existential side. However, I think it provides an optimistic, liberating message. Enjoy!

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