2009 May Wrap up Thoughts

Good month for nGenera – settling in with the Collaborative Enterprise Management (CEM) theme, which seems to be getting traction and filling the void in the enterprise that analysts can now see is left present by the consumer-esque, one-trick pony applications that dominate the market in web 2.0 for the enterprise

Great month for the kids –
  • Lauren graduates St Olaf Magna cum Laude and also lands a job as a high school biology teacher for Teach for America in Memphis, TN – woo hoo!
  • Ben lands a paying summer intern gig with Fallbrook Technologies, doing jack-of-all-trades work for the cleantech, Nuvinci transmission maker – thank you Rob Smithson!
  • Andrew gets accepted to the TLC at Westlake high for his junior year – definitely the kind of program for him, where traditional school ain’t working

Super-fun month for the bride and me as we journeyed to NYC for our 27th anniversary weekend. There’s definitely no place like the Big Apple!

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