2009 June Week 1-2: Wrap-up Thoughts and Launch!

Okay, okay…so when I sub-titled this blog “regular updates from the front” little did I know that would mean “annual” updates until now.

But, jimminy, one must admit that it is a challenge to present ones’ self across the myriad of internet presences. It’s not as if I haven’t been active. You can find me in many a location on the web:

In addition, there is keeping up with Plaxo (which I’m dropping as officially broken for me at the end of June), Myspace (which I have a personal resolution to begin using for recordings by the end of summer), Youtube (same, but end of year), and of course the nGenera internal portal writing that I do, which is the main location where you could follow me…that is, if you had an e-mail account that ends with the phrase “@ngenera.com” on it.

Speaking of “following,” I also tweet a few times daily (as nGenera) and occasionally as me, though I definitely fall into the “lurker” category – clearly an artifact of my post-great depression, boomer DNA.

And, with this burst of mid-June 2009 activity – as we draw nigh on the end of the decade that brought us not one, but two(!) boom-and-bust cycles…dot-coms and derivatives – I officially pledge to produce a more timely mix of professional and personal musings.


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