2008 Wrap-up Thoughts

December –

Took the family to London-Paris-Geneva for a holiday get away – daughter Lauren won her way into a January-
term intership at WHO.

Otherwise, I clearly had no life for the rest of 2008 other than work at nGenera, hence…

November – Spin out of the Talisma CRM and higher education units to Campus Management

October – Basking in the afterglow of another great ACL; just one year to go until ACL 2009

September – CRM Magazine recognizes nGenera with a “rising star” award

August – Sold all stock positions and narrowly missed the stock market collapse out of sheer luck

July – nGenera recognized by AlwaysOn as a game-changing technology and company

June – Wikinomics called the best business technology book of the year for 2007

May – Talisma acquisition

April – Name change from BSG Alliance (affectionately BSG 2.0) to nGenera

March – Iconixx and nCent acquisition

February – Son Ben turns 18: pledges November loyalty to Obama

January – Who knew this would be the last of Jobs’s famous Macworld appearances?

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